SaEF Technologies

Hi, I'm Harry Shamir, the Head Coach of the MA South Shore SaEF Fencing Clubs and the inventor and Entrepreneur of the startup company SaEF Technologies, organized as a div. of  MarinairLtd. .

We wish to bring to the Fencing public a new development whereby in Foil and Epee the tips of the blades no longer contain an electrical switch and therefore the blades are Wire-Free.   All the action occurs elsewhere.

The objective is to eliminate the oft-recurring blade rewiring process that is truly a pain in the anatomy.

As an outcome of this technology we expect the "Olympic" and the "Classical" Fencing devotees that parted ways in the 1950's, to reunite.

Two working Foil prototypes were built to prove the technology, which works.   Current status is that we are poised to create final design, make the tooling, and manufacture first batch.

In all honesty we need funding for this project, but not much.   We believe a cumulative input of under $20,000 will suffice.

We intend appealing to crowdsourcing, and this call is part of the appeal.   All contributors of $290 or more will receive a Foil or Epee of the new type from the first production batch (s/h extra).    All contributors of $1590 or more will receive a SaEF-Piste (s/h extra), which is a stainless steel mesh Fencing Strip 15 m x 1.5 m weighing a mere 9 kg, designed for either temporary or permanent deployment.    Other contributing sums will be rewarded upon sales taking off.