Fitness Shoes Co.


Exercise machines worn as shoes

True Exercise Shoes (TrExS)


Company Summary

We are Engineers, Chemists, Physicians, and a Lawyer.  We are seeking a Marketer.

We base the venture on an Invention, US Patent issued Apr. 2016.

The Invention is an engineered mechanism in the shoe soles that makes you work a bit harder during a normal walk.


The goal is to regain the $2 B/yr market lost by the demise of the Tone-Up shoes.


First we shall prove the technology works via 3rd party validation, then sell small quantities.

Only then accept large corporations as licensees.

Company income will be from licensees and selling them the key mechanism embedded in the soles.


Anti-Counterfeiting and licensee monitoring will be by embedding RFID tags in each pair.


Initial preference will be to producers-sellers in each world geographical marketplace, to reduce chances of counterfeits.


Investors can look forward to RoI of 10x investment, within 3-4 years of beginning sales.


Fitness Shoes Co. intends to buy back all initial investment stock.

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